Tuesday, June 3, 2008

So, maybe I kinda lied before about this not becoming a hip-hop blog...

I'm kinda late on this, but I want to add to all of the hype surrounding Wale and his recently released "The Mixtape About Nothing." Even though it's billed as a mixtape, I'm sure it'll stand head and shoulders above most actual albums released this year. In fact, it is one of the first mixtapes of its kind, featuring original material and actually following something like a concept, as Wale incorporates a loose Seinfeld theme throughout it. Seinfeld is known as a show "about nothing," the mixtape is "about nothing," get it, yeah? Except Wale is actually able to say a lot working within this framework, and the Seinfeld samples really help him. I don't quite have the drive to break this down as I did Starship Utopia, but know that the mixtape contains what may possibly be the best song in hip-hop about the n word titled "The Kramer" (see, he really does use this Seinfeld thing quite brilliantly) If you're reading this, you MUST AT LEAST listen to that song, and after you enjoy it, why not cop the mixtape? It's actually quite funny and witty overall and free and most likely better to whatever you're listening to anyway.

(You can read a more detailed and accurate review of the mixtape here.)

Also, would anyone be interested in starting something like a black music alliance/club at Swarthmore? I'll type up details sometime soon, if you're reading this (and a Swattie) and are interested, feel free to let me know now.

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